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More beautiful and exotic ladies of royal families, from the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Presented in alphabetical order:


Described as "Daughter of the Dawn Age," Ajor is the daughter of Jor, High Chief among the Galus, and becomes the mate of Tom Billings. She is a cos-ata-lo (not-egg-woman), from whom might spring a new and greater race. 

"She was quite the most wonderful animal that I have ever looked upon, and what few of her charms her apparel hid, it quite effectively succeeded in accentuating. I felt that I had never looked upon so perfect and beautiful a creature as she." - from The People that Time Forgot

Dana Gillespie played Ajor in the 1977 movie, The People That Time Forgot.

  illustration by Frank Frazetta from the cover of The People That Time Forgot



The beautiful Princess of Nimmr in the lost Valley of the Sepulcher, daughter of Prince Gobred, who falls in love with American, James Hunter Blake.

 "...and as their eyes met, hers fell, but not before he had seen that they were very beautiful eyes set in an equally beautiful, oval face." - from Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle


She is the daughter of Brun, Chief of Lo-har. Her hand is finally won by von Horst. 

"Von Horst watched her for awhile. He noted her regular features, the long lashes that shaded her large, intelligent eyes, the alluring contours of her cheek, her neck, and her small, firm breasts." - from Back to the Stone Age


illustration by T C Walker from the National Capital Panthans Journal     


Llana of Gathol

She is the daughter of Gahan, Jed of Gathol and Tara of Helium, and the granddaughter of John Carter, the Warlord of Barsoom. When Pan Dan Chee first sees the girl, he is so struck by her beauty that he throws his sword at her feet.

 "They have a daughter, one whose character and whose beauty are worthy of her mother and her mother's mother...a beauty which, like that of those other two, hurled nations at each others throats in war." - from Llana of Gathol

    illustration by J. Allen St. John from The City of Mummies


StellaraStellara by Thomas Yeates

Stellara is the daughter of Fedol, the ruler of a village on Amiocap, The Island of Love. Her mother, Allara, was pregnant with the girl when kidnapped by The Cid, chief of the Korsars. The Cid, believing the girl to be his own, raised her as a Korsar yet she was sweet and brave, and became the mate of Tanar the Fleet One. 

"For the first time he noticed her hair, which was like gold in warm sunlight...He thought it very lovely and when he looked more closely at her features he realized that they, too, were lovely, with a sunny, golden loveliness that seemed to reflect like qualities of heart and character. There was a certain feminine softness about her." - from Tanar of Pellucidar

 illustration by Thomas Yeates from the private collection of David Critchfield    



from The Chessmen of MarsTara of Helium

Tara is the daughter of John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, and Dejah Thoris. This beautiful and spirited girl goes out in her personal flier, and is blown off course by a storm. She has many adventures, and is rescued by and eventually marries Gahan of Gathol. They have a daughter, Llana of Gathol. 

"You spoke of children," I said. "Have you more than Carthoris?" "A daughter," he replied, "only a little younger than Carthoris, and, barring one, the fairest thing that ever breathed the thin air of dying Mars. Only Dejah Thoris, her mother, could be more beautiful than Tara of Helium." - from The Chessmen of Mars

  illustration by Frank Frazetta from The Chessmen of Mars


Tavia is the daughter of Kal Tavan, Prince of Tjanath. Her true royal lineage is not revealed until after this sweet and faithful girl marries Tan Hadron. 

"...I had found a priceless jewel. I looked her in the eyes, those beautiful, fathomless wells of love and understanding. "I love you, Tavia," I said. "Tell me that I may have the right to call you my princess." - from A Fighting Man of Mars

 illustration by Frank Frazetta from the cover of A Fighting Man of Mars       



Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Gino D'AchilleThuvia of Ptarth

Thuvia is the daughter of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth. Called the Maid of Mars, she was the slave of the Holy Therns for 15 years until John Carter arrived, and together they escaped the Mountains of Otz. She had a strange ability to control banths. She became the bride of Cathoris. 

"She was the perfect type of that remarkably beautiful race whose outward appearance is identical with the more god-like races of Earth men, except that this higher race of Martians is of a light reddish copper colour." - from The Gods of Mars


    illustration by Gino D'Achille from the cover of Thuvia, Maid of Mars

Valla Dia

She is the daughter of Kor San, Jeddak of Duhor, who refused to give her in marriage to Jal Had of Amhor, causing the sack of Duhor. This great beauty, the Princess of Duhor, ends up a slave of Ras Thavas who transplants her brain into another's body. To him, she is known only as case #4296-E-2631-H. The earthman, Ulysses Paxton, falling in love with her, manages to restore her to her own body.

 "...the tears commenced to roll down her cheeks, and then she looked up at me through the mist of them and put her dear arms about my neck and drew my face down to hers. "My chieftain," she whispered, that was all. But it was enough. For those two words I had risked my life and faced unknown dangers, and gladly would I risk my life again for that same reward and always, for ever." - from The Master Mind of Mars  

                           illustration by unknown artist from the cover of The Master Mind of Mars     

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